• Fundación Origen

    Fundación Origen

    Fundación Origen is a non-profit organization that has worked with vulnerable women in Mexico for 15 years. 'Our aim is that every person we serve through the Help Line and the Origen Community Centers, can say that we have changed their life, that we have given them hope.' M. Baños

  • Galleria Continua

    Galleria Continua

    Generosity and altruim lie at the heart of its dealings with artists and the general public by writing a history of the present that is sensitive to contemporary creativity and cherishes the link between past and future.

  • Eduardo Secci Contemporary

    Eduardo Secci Contemporary

    Since 2012, Eduardo Secci has been home to innovative, singular, and pioneering exhibitions across a variety of media and genres. The gallery curates six to eight shows a year and participates in art fairs in Italy and abroad.

  • Labor Gallery

    Labor Gallery

    LABOR opened its doors on November 7th, 2009. The goal under which the gallery was created was to work with artists that the gallery believes in and wants to support. LABOR encourages critical thinking through dialogue.

  • Maestro Dobel

    Maestro Dobel

    Maestro Dobel represents more than 11 generations of tequila making experience, respecting craftsmanship and connoisseurship. In this occasion it reaffirms its commitment with Mexican society through the support of initiatives that help solve specific problems.

  • Sotheby


    One of the world's largest brokers of fine and decorative art, jewelry, real estate, and collectibles, Sotheby's operation is divided into three segments: auction, finance, and dealer. The company’s services range from corporate art services to private sales.

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