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LUISAVIAROMA and Mastro Dobel tequila in alliance to support Fundación Origen

Aware of the importance that the issue of women in the economic, political and social sphere, has gained worldwide, LUISAVIAROMA and Mastro Dobel Tequila established an alliance to support Fundación Origen, a nonprofit organization that empowers and promotes comprehensive development of women in Mexico, living in situations of violence, poverty or vulnerability.

Distinguished international fashion designers will print their style in a bottle of Tequila “single edition”, which will be auctioned and cured by Sotheby’s. The proceeds will be donated to Fundación Origen, as a recognition of the work carried out over fifteen years, which has benefited more than ONE MILLION people.

Each one of the beneficiaries of Fundación Origen has a unique story

Nobody had supported us before. Today, women of our Origen Community Center know that together we can achieve more and better economic opportunities to improve our family income and we value ourselfes, we have more self esteem.

The proceeds from the auction will be used to transform the lives of hundreds of women in Mexico, We know that supporting and giving opportunities to women worldwide, will generate a positive change in society.

Their programs, Helpline Origen and Origen Community Centers, offer psicologycal counseling as well as legal and medical advice, free and confidential, with national coverage; as well as education, health care, job training and decent employment, in order to contribute to the empowerment of women so that they can improve their quality of life and their families. Fundación Origen invests in women and girls to break the cycles of violence and poverty.

We share the words of Mariana Baños, Founder of Fundación Origen

Our aim is that every person we serve through the Help Line and the Origen Community Centers, can say that we have changed their life, that we have given them hope.

We are confident that investing in women, through Fundacion Origen, is to invest in the development of a more just, equitable and respectful society who cares for the rights of women and girls, because Origen gives them the tools so they can transform their family, community and social environment.

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