Message in a Bottle

Too many years we’ve spent waving the Jolly Roger.

Crossbones on black cloth, searching for the loot.

The time has come for change

and to hoist another flag with the word “liberty.”

All aboard, and away we go!

The wind fills my sails,

and the coast recedes into the distance.

My bow cuts through the water,

straight to Madagascar.

“No longer slaves nor masters,”

this is the motto, my companions.

We no longer want the humiliated

or the exploited in our midst.

We will create Libertalia,

And we will live and die there

with neither shackles nor chains.

There will be order without power.

To those who say, “you are dreaming,”

I respond that Utopia is

the one and only place

that makes us feel alive.

Capitan Misson


Acrylic paint, Lurex, Rayon, Glass, Metal, Plastic

The Designer

Famous for it's colorful knitwear, Missoni's patterns range from stripes to geometrics and abstract florals using a variety of different fabrics such as wool, cotton, linen, rayon and silk to create a luxuriously relaxed and bohemian look. The Italian company is still family owned and run, producing unique clothes and accessories that are instantly recognizable classics.

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