Héctor Zamora


The exercise of breaking a bottle and rebuilding it piece by piece creates an allegory about the construction and reconstruction of the being in its relationship with the intoxication caused by alcohol.



The Designer

Héctor Zamora is a Mexican artist based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Working extensively in public spaces over the past decade, the artist creates major works that re-articulate the physical characteristics of urban and architectural environments. Creating structures that enhance or highlight particular characteristics and patterns of social use, the artist often utilizes materials that also carry a particular resonance within that location. Zamora involves local communities in the process creating art by reimagining public spaces through the implementation of sculptural additions made from materials of significance within each site to interact with community consciousness. LUISAVIAROMA provided support of Héctor Zamora and Sanner in a multi-faceted art exhibition at the abandoned Matarazzo Hospital in São Paulo. In 2015, Zamora and LUISAVIAROMA initiated a new collaboration in Habana Biennale where the artist created an artistic and musical installation at “La Escuela de Música de la Habana”.

The Art Gallery

LABOR opened its doors on November 7th, 2009. The goal under which the gallery was created was to work with artists that the gallery believes in and wants to support.
LABOR encourages critical thinking through dialogue. It emphasizes in promoting and supporting the work and ideas of the artist it represents, as well as leading them into the international art market.
LABOR also has an active parallel programming that ranges from screenings, workshops, concerts and performances.
We made five exhibitions a year. Four of them focused on the artists represented by the gallery, and the remaining one is devoted to new things: either inviting an artist or artists with a line of our concern, the work of a curator who has come to our attention, etc.
LABOR has presence at the following international art fairs: Zona Maco in Mexico City, Independent in New York, Liste and Art Basel in Switzerland, FIAC in Paris and Art Basel Miami Beach in Miami.

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