Daniela Villegas


The concept of the bottle is to “Dream big, sparkle more and shine bright” using motifs from the Backyard Collection: the spider and the classic stag beetle. A Big Spider, symbolizing the goddess of creation, touches a loop containing four Stag Beetles, symbolizing the four seasons and four elements.  The insects and bezels are made in silver, an element that recalls Mexican culture and heritage.


CT 14.86 Boulder Opal, CT 2.53 Amethyst, CT 3.98 Citrine, CT 3.67 Jade, CT 2.13 Topaz, CT 0.64 Opals, CT 0.49 Tourmaline, CT 0.80 Multicolor Sapphires, CT 0.08 Emeralds

The Designer

Fascinated with the colors and light of her grandmother's jewelry collection as a child, Daniela Villegas studied Fashion and Jewelry Design in Mexico City. Inspired by nature, friends, family and travel, each organic design is a reflection of Daniela and is made in the USA with the help of her talented team. Ninety percent of her pieces are one of a kind, created with 18K gold, precious and semi-precious stones, and natural elements such as feathers, wood, insects and pebbles.

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