Sparkling Lace

In honor of Fill Your Bottle With… Blumarine uses the symbols and colors of the Maison. The bottle has been decorated with inlays of macramé lace that, when applied on the transparent glass surface, create an optical illusion effect of spaces that appear both empty and full. The sophisticated and seductive black macramé lace is softened by the romanticism and femininity of the pink lace. A cascade of 4,400 micro Swarovski crystals, in two color tones (Jet Ematite e Crystal Vintage Rose) illuminate Blumarine’s creation.


Viscose, Lurex, Swarovski crystals (color: Jet Ematite and Vintage rose), Glass, Metal, Plastic

The Designer

Anna Molinari’s world is one of seduction, charm and great vitality. The designer's spontaneous sense of fun has conquered the fashion industry in over three decades of creativity. Blumarine combines a mix of sensations and cultural influences to create the perfect pieces for a modern, sexy and feminine woman.

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